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    • The Evolution of Samburu Adornment 

      Nyambura, Ruth (Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities, 2014-09)
      Self-adornment plays a significant role in individual and social life in most communities. The Samburu place great significance on adornment. Adornment among the Samburu ranges from painting, scarring, attire and ornaments. ...
    • Hair: A Samburu Identity Statement 

      Nyambura, Ruth; Nyamache, Tom; Matheka, Reuben; Waweru, Peter (Journal Of International Academic Research For Multidisciplinary, 2014-03)
      Hair is inherently inscribed with meaning as a manifestation of personal preference or imposed rules of conduct.Hair among the Samburu culture is more than simply statement of personal state and style. It is a marker of ...
    • The Role of Samburu Body Adornment in Challenging Gender Identities in the Era of Cultural Globalisation 

      Nyambura, Ruth (International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, 2015-02)
      Samburu body adornment identifies a woman’s beauty, husband and social rank in the community through colour, pattern and mass. In the last sixty years, as a result of Kenya’s entrance into the global economy, Samburu ...