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  • Publication
    Turnitin Quick-guide for Students
    (Mount Kenya University, 2017-05) Otuoma, Peter
    Turnitin is an online service that allows lecturers and students to check the level of plagiarism in a document to reduce cheating and enforce academic integrity. It searches internet sources and it’s own repository to find content that is similar to what the student has submitted. Similarities found are then highlighted in the submitted document with links to the internet sources they were found. A report is then generated summarizing the overall percentage of plagiarism in the submitted document. Students can then correct their work and resubmit if the level of plagiarism is higher than that acceptable by your supervisor/lecturer.
  • Publication
    How to increase reasearch visibility: A guide for research writers
    (Mount Kenya University, 2013-04) Otuoma, Peter Sanya
    This presentation shows you several techniques that you can employ to increase the visibility of your research and consequently the number of citations.