Project For An Investigation For Causes of Poor Performance Among Students in Rural Mixed Secondary Schools; A Case Study of Kagunduini Zone Murang’a County.

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the cause of poor performance among students in Rural mixed secondary schools in Kagundu-inizone. The study involved four mixed schools out of the eight schools in the zone.The study involved 40 students per school 10 students per each form,8 teachers and 4 administrators. From the results drawn from the four schools that is Kenyoho secondary school,Kariti secondary, Githunguri secondary and Kirirwa secondary, it was revealed that various factors has caused the poor performance in this schools such as inadequate teaching and learning resources ,lack of motivation, poor attitude towards the subjects and the teachers, peer pressure and poor entry behavior. The concluded that if these causes are addressed including the understanding of the teachers these schools can perform well. The researcher recommended the society to come together and facilitate the acquiring of various resources for the school. The researcher also recommends the administration of these schools to look for ways to motivate the learners and to let them know the importance of altitude in the school and how to relate with their peers in beneficial manner. The study used descriptive survey design and used questionnaires, interviews, and observation checklist. It was also recommended that board of management, community and parents teachers association to come up with ways to motivate teachers and students and all stakeholders to come up with strategies to improve performance and also improve resources in school.

Bachelor of Education