An assessment on the effects of absentism in day secondary Schools in Manyatta zone, Embu County.

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The study was done in day secondary schools Around Manyatta Zone which helped to capture all the information about the entire county. The main aim of study was to determine the rate of absenteeism and its effect on day secondary schools among girls and boys attending day secondary schools in St. Alphose, Kathakwa, Kairuri, Karau, Kavutiri and Muvandori secondary schools. The study used survey where systematic sampling method was used, where ten students in each class were interviewed for absenteeism estimation, reasons and the effects on their academic performance. Materials used in data collection were questionnaires and registers. The study was carried out from the month of May to July 2014.The study was purposely to find out the specific region in the county which is highly affected by school absenteeism. This was to help to determine what is the main cause of the rate of increased absenteeism in the particular area. Background information of the family problems or other causes. This is because absenteeism can also be caused by corporal punishment in schools. In the study the number of students who were interviewed were 240, the study found that the students’ performance deteriorated as the number of days a student missed school increased. The study was done depending on the age, performance and student and percentage of the affected individuals was also analyzed. Raw data was analyzed using scientific calculator and computer then presented was done in tables, bar graph, pie charts both electronically and manually. The study finding was done on 300 students, finding the percentage of absent students in general the percentage of those who were absent in the first term and second term. The recommendation was done depending on the affected cause. Many challenges were experienced during the research which includes; poor means of transport, many people failed to participate in filling in the questionnaire and also lack of enough funds tocarry out the research. The results shows that the highest cases of school abseentism were due to lack of school fees or failure of the parents to pay fees on time. Many of the parents avoid responsibilities that have high influences on school attendance. However, other causes are due to poverty in some families which lead to children labor in Nyayo Tea Zones so as to get dairy bread. The study recommends that parents in public day secondary schools be sensitized on the effect of their parenting styles on their children’s performance. All parents should be involved in the affairs of their children in school; more research should be done to establish how religious, home setting And parent’s occupation modify student behavior in public day secondary schools and also capture the views of the education officers in the Embu District on this matte

Parenting, Absentisim