Social -economic factors affecting the Completion of girls’ education in public Secondary schools in Wote Zone, Makueni County.

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The purpose of this research was to investigate the social economic factors affecting the completion of girls education in public secondary school in wote zone makueni county .The research was based on Abraham’s Maslow theory of motivation .In this theory education has been presented as one of the basic needs for an individual .The research was conducted in Wote zone in Makueni county .The research utilized survey method .The design provides for the collection and analysis of quantitative data (Creswell and Clark, 2011).Quantitative data was analysed using descriptive statistics and presented in tables ,pie charts and histograms. According to the study findings social-economic factors such as parents poverty levels, unemployment, single parenthood, and to some extend early pregnancies were indentified as the key factors that make the girl child not complete secondary education. The conclusion of the study was that parents should be empowered financially so as to educate their girls until they complete their secondary education .The girl child should also be protected through guidance and counseling on the importance of education and the dangers associated with early pregnancies before they complete their secondary education. The study recommends bold and urgent action to be taken by both the community and the government so as safeguard the welfare of the girl child to make them complete their secondary education and fulfill the notion that educating a girl child is educating the whole nation,(UNICEF,2001).