Home environmental factors affecting academic performance in Secondary schools in Kiambu sub – county, Kiambu county.

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This study purposed on assessing the home environmental factors influencing the academic performance of secondary school students in Kiambu sub –county, Kiambu County. This study also examined the ways that can be used to achieve better academic performance of secondary school students. The researcher too was interested in establishing the strategies teachers were using to solve home environmental factors affecting academic performance of the students in secondary. The study focused on the home environmental factors that affect students’ academic performance. The study also focused on the literature review of the related study. Chapter one of this study focused on the introduction of study together with objectives that guided the study. Chapter two provided the literature review and related materials on the topic. Chapter three outlined the research methodology that was used in this study. Finally chapter five outlined the findings of this study based on the objectives. The main instrument that was used by the researcher to collect data was questionnaire. The questions will be designed in such a way that the home environmental factors affecting student’s academic performance are fully assessed.