Teaching learning resource utilization on Performance in Kenya certificate of secondary education in Public secondary schools in Ithanga location Kiambu county

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Great importance is attached to education by the stake holders especially the result of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at the beginning of every year. This study was intended to investigate the level of relationship between educational resources utilization and internal efficiency in secondary schools during the year 2013. It further attempted to examine the major cost determinant among resources at this level of education system. There is general belief that schools that are endowed with the educational resources such as qualified and experienced teachers, quality text books, good physical facilities etc. perform better in national exams. However this is not normally the case as some better equipped schools performs dismally. This therefore raised doubts as to whether resources affect performance. Despite these doubt the governments and parents continue to invest heavily in education, but why does this happen? Research was therefore needed to find out if there are any effects to educational resources inputs on performance in KCSE.Other objectives would be to find out whether the nature of resources utilization promoted wastage and how the policy makers can reduce the unit cost of secondary schools. Approximately 50% secondary school as in the location formed the sample. The sample was made using the stratified random sampling technique. The research instruments used to collect data was a questionnaire administered to the respective principals of the schools. Data was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics. This study was significant because it would provide information on the available resources and how their optimal utility could influence internal efficiency. The study would provide suggestion on how problems associated with resources inputs may be solved.