Effects of female initiation on discipline of girls in primary school in Makuyu zone in Murang’a county.

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The aim of this research was to find out the impact of female initiation .commonly known as (FGM) on discipline girls in primary school in Makuyu zone Murang,a county . Female Genital Mutilation is the practice or total removal of external genitalia (WHO, 1995). It result in immediate physical problem example ; intense pain and hemorrhage that can lead to shock during and after the procedure hemorrhage can also lead to anemia ,wound infection ,including tetanus ,damage to adjoining organs from the use of blunt instrument by un skilled operation operators and urine retention from blockage of urethra (koso –Thomas 1987). According to Rushwan .it (1996) it also leads to long team complications like painful or blocked menses recur rant urinary tract infection dermoid cysts and keloid scars. The effect of FGM outlined above can lead to indiscipline to girls who under go the process. this is as a result of psychological and emotional pain they go through making the girls to become rude and arrogant to the teachers and peers .the objective of the research were to find out the impact on; class attendance ,discipline ,academic performance, transition to the next level of educational arrangements to assist the students after undergoing FGM to advance their studies .the study used descriptive survey design to collect data as used qulisticonnaves on literate girls and teachers.The target population was girls in the upper primary .ten percent of the student from ten schools were sampled from every school. Through the head teacher they were issued with questionnaires which were given to two groups of ten girls each aged between nine to fourteen years.The study showed that the majority of the girls with indiscipline case were the ‘cut’ girls. This is because the initiated girls were taught to behave like adult; woman thus could not take order seniors and teachers .the initiated girls were rude, disrespectful and arrogant thus could not take instruction from parents and leaders leading to indiscipline. It also relevant that initiates increase school dropout rates I the sense that those that underwent the practice felt too mature to start a family. Based on the findings of the study recommends that alternative rite of passage such as “circumcision through a word of mouth “could also be identified to replace the harmful FGM .schools should strengthen guidance and counseling I order to discourage FGM and sustain discipline in school.

Bachelor of arts, Educational management, Curriculum studies