An analysis of managerial competencies and their influence on staff productivity: A case of Wajir County Government employees

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to conduct an analysis of managerial competencies and their influence on staff productivity in Wajir County government. Methodology: The study adopted a descriptive case study research design. The target population comprised of all the 2000 employees working with the Wajir county government. A sample size of 244 obtained by applying the Yamane formula was used. The study used stratified random sampling and simple random sampling technique to come up with the sample. The study used primary data collected through the administration of questionnaires. The statistics generated included descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The particular descriptive statistics included frequencies and percentages while the particular inferential statistics included correlation analysis and regression. Results: The possession of technical skills, conceptual skills, human skills and informational skills by managers was found to have a positive and significant effect on staff productivity. Unique contribution to theory, practice and policy: The study recommended that urgent measures be undertaken to ensure that at least everyone in management had acquired some basic technical skills in their assigned task. It was also necessary to continuously improve the existing technical skills of those in management within the county government through regular on job training for the management. The study also recommended that short courses such as conflict resolution, strategic leadership and mentorship programs should be included the county government staff development agenda as well as team building activities where those in management should be highly encouraged to avail themselves. It was also recommended that it was necessary for those in management positions to constantly acquire the needed information on the staff activities and performance in order to constantly and effectively monitor and evaluate the performance of staff in the county government to ensure that they were actively involved in activities that led to increased productivity. It was also necessary for the management to improve how and the ways in which they disseminated information at levels in the county government to ensure that barriers in communication do not hinder the progress of the county government agendas.

managerial competencies, staff productivity, technical skills, conceptual skills, human skills, informational skills