Guidance and counseling as a remedy to school dropout in public secondary schools in Owimbi zone, Rarieda sub-county Kenya .

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School dropout is a problem facing nearly all public secondary schools in Owimbi zone, Rarieda Sub-county Kenya. As a young district it has had this problem since its formation in 2006. The district’s development is paramount and therefore there is need for it to develop in all aspects. School dropout is one of the major problems stagnating its development.The problem is experienced in all levels of education in the sub-county, from primary to high school level. In public secondary schools it is common among the schools along Lake Victoria shores. This is due to fishing activities which the dropouts get involved in at an early age. The study revealed that among challenges the secondary schools have in Owimbi Zone, Rarieda Sub-County, school dropout becomes a major challenge. The rate is high along the shores of Lake Victoria. The main cause of school dropout in the region is school retention. This factor is child oriented. Grade retention result because of mainly absence from school or inconsistence school attendance which is a threat to academic progress. Therefore, there is need for public secondary schools to effectively use guidance and counselling to reduce cases of school dropout in their schools.

guidance and counseling, academic morals