Analysis of Factors That Results To Poor Performance of Students in Physics in K.C.S.E Level in Makindu Division in Makueni County; A Case of Syumile Secondary School in Makueni County.

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors that affect performance of students in physics at Syumile secondary school. This study was carried to enable the researcher to make the appropriate recommendations that were address the situation. Syumile is a doubled streamed with student population of three hundred. A sample of forty students was picked by stratified sampling as respondence. This sample was given questionnaires to fill and return to the researcher for analysis. Three questionnaires were not returned by respondents. One teacher was also given a questionnaire to fill. The data was interpreted and explained using tables and percentages. Other records were collected from teachers’ mark books, admission registers and director of studies office. From the results obtained, it was established why the students perform poorly in physics at K.C.S.E level. The factors that the researcher expected to be the cause of poor performance in general were numerous and diverse. Among them included poor economical status, low students entry marks(L.S.E), lack of learning resources(L.L.R), facilities and poor teaching methods(P.T.M) among others. The researcher recommended for an urgent address to these factors in order to improve students’ performance in physics. This could be done through admission of students with high marks, purchase of more facilities and resources by school through financial assistance from the government or donors/well wishers.The teachers should also conduct more practicals and use various teaching methods to motivate the learners. This should make students in Syumile secondary school learn more efficiently thus improving their performance in physics at K.C.S.E level.

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