Impact of cell phone use on interpersonal Communication among university students: a case study Of Mount Kenya university, Thika campus.

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Mount Kenya University
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The use of the mobile phone can dictate how much time users spend with others and alter the nature of their interaction with them. There is likelihood that the use of mobile phones among students may reduce their interactions. The mobile phone is a paradoxical device. Its function is more than social: it enables its owner to communicate with other people. At the same time, though, using a mobile phone can seem profoundly anti-social, especially to people in the immediate vicinity. The mobile phone is advancing in such a direction as to enable humans to form ways of interacting that will create new definitions of communication. This therefore has had an impact on the interpersonal relationship among people. The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of the mobile telephones on interpersonal communication among students of Mount Kenya University, Thika Campus. The University students were on session thus making it easier to have access to them. From the data, students use mobiles for various purposes ranging from calling, texting, sending and receiving money, listening to music and sending and receiving photos. This, we can assertively say that students use their mobile phones for various purposes. The use of mobile phones amongst students has reduced their interactions since they text and call instead of the conventional meetings. This is evidenced by the high number of students owning mobile phones and also the many uses that the students have put their mobile phones to. The study therefore recommends among other things that students should create a balance between their use of mobile phones and academic purposes. The use of mobile phones, from the study, has increased and therefore the students ought to substantially realize that it can have adverse effects on their academic performance. This study would contribute to knowledge in the area of communication especially in the telecommunication industry.