Recruitment and Selection Procedures on Productivity of Employees in an Organisation: A Case Study of Save The Children Organization (2008 – 2013)

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Mount Kenya University

The general objective of the study was to identify and determine the effects of good recruitment process on productivity of employees in Save the Children organization. The specific objectives aimed at assessing the recruitment techniques used by Save the Children organization, establish the productive rate of properly recruited employees in Save the Children organization and to find out the factors that affect recruitment of employees at Save the Children organization. The researcher used a case study research design whereby both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. The research was conducted at the Save the Children Rwanda office targeting 38 respondents of which probability sampling was applied. The study found out that decentralized techniques is used for recruiting new employees at the Save the Children organization whereby each department propose the need for recruitment. This process includes vacant identification, prepare job description and person specification, advertising the vacancies, short listing, conducting interview and decision making, employment, induction and orientation and finally sustainability. The study revealed that properly recruited employees affect employee’s productivity rate in ensuring that qualified people are absorbed in the organization, assist new employees to catch-up quickly and therefore becomes productive as early as they are employed and also job training helps the employees to acquire new skills and therefore becomes more productive in an organization. During the recruitment process there are various challenges faced by the HR practitioners. The study found out that such challenges includes, lack of proper system that assists to assess candidates throughout the recruitment, poor advertisement which cannot target the properly needed group, less amount of salary which cannot attract people with more skills, high requirements standard which rules out large number of applicants making it less competitive

Recruitment, Selection procedures, Employee productivity, Save the children organisation