Educational challenges faced by learners whith physical handicap in Ikolomani Division, Kakamega County in an inclusive setting.A survey on primary schools.

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Mount Kenya University

In the research study , the researcher wished to identify various educational challenges facing learners with physical handicap in Ikolomani Division ,Kakamega County .The researcher targeted twelve primary schools ,fifty teachers and a total population of one hundred pupils . The general objective of the study was to find out various educational challenges learners with physical handicap undergo , causes of those challenges and various intervention measures .The study sought the views of all educational stakeholders i.e. teachers , pupils and parents and found that in Ikolomani Division , physically handicap learners face challenges such as stigmatization , discrimination , unfriendly environment poor teaching methods among others. The researcher after a careful study made the following intervention measures to assist the physically handicap learners .Create awareness to the community to develop a positive attitude towards the physically handicap to overcomes discrimination and stigmatization ,Environment should be made friendly by leveling it and building ramps , teachers should also be trained on special needs education to acquire best skills and knowledge on how to handle the learners the learners . The researcher used questionnaires to gather information since it covers a wide range within a short period of time and relatively cheaper compared to other data collection procedures .The responses given were treated as confidential The data collected was then analysed using tables and percentages since they could be easily interpreted to give a clear meaning.

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