Play and learning materials on the academic performance of early Childhood development education children of 4-5 years in Kirere Primary school, in Kigumo south zone, Kigumo district, Murang'a county, Kenya.

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Mount Kenya University

This research proposal contains information about effects of play materials in teaching and learning in the schools in kigumo zone. The research proposal contains three chapters. Chapter one is the introduction which consist of background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study which include1.To establish effects of play and learning materials on academic achievement of preschool2.Tto determine problems asociatedwith teaching and delivery of services in ecde centres3.Tto establish availability and utilization of resources in teaching and learning setting, research questions which include1.Are there any effects of play and learning materials on academic performance of preschools,2.What are the problems asociatedwith teaching methods and delivery of services in ecde,significance of the study, delimitation and limitation and theoretical framework. The second chapter contains the introduction, play and learning materials in relation to learning, importance of learning materials for preschools, influence of play and learning materials on academic performance and also the conclusion of chapter two. The third chapter is about the research methodology and it involves involves introduction of that chapter,reseach design used, location of the study, target population, sampling technique, research instrument,reliability,validity,data collection which will involve leaving the questionnaires in the ecdecentres for them to be filled and then picking them later when questions are well answered, data analysis, logistics and ethics. The research design applied is descriptive survey, the location of the study is focused on kigumo southzonein kigumo district in muranga county,the target population is 5out of 24ecde schools which include kirere,Turuturu,Mutunguru,Karega,Githima,data collection used is questionnaires which contain open ended questions, the data is analyzed using frequency and percentage tables. The validity of this research proposal is accurate and meaningful.