School management style on the performance of secondary Schools in Mandera east district, Mandera county, Kenya

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Mount Kenya University

This study sought to establish the impacts of school management on the performance of secondary schoolsinMandera East District, Mandera County, Kenya. Most of the public secondary schools in Mandera County have been performing poorly for the last five years. This was attributed to the role and link of leadership styles and performance index in the region. The objectives of the study were to establish head teachers’ leadership styles as perceived by the teachers in public secondary schools in Mandera East District, Mandera County, to investigate head teachers’ leadership styles as perceived by the teachers in public Secondary schools in Mandera East District, Mandera County; to determine the extent to which different head teachers’ styles influences performance of students in K.C.S.E in Mandera East District, Mandera County; to establish the attitudes of students on the different head teachers’ styles amongst head teachers of Mandera East District, Mandera County. In this study the dependent variable were K.C.S.E Examination Results from the year 2007-2011. The independent variables were leadership styles employed by the head teachers’. Limitation is an aspect that may influence the results negatively but over which the researcher has no control. Use of ex-post facto research design was a limitation because it shows that the independent variable could occur and not reversible by the researcher. On delimitation, the study was conducted in public secondary schools in Mandera East District, Mandera County; Private secondary schools were not be included. The District is in a rural setting and the conditions in it could be unique and different from those of other Districts in Kenya. The findings of this study were significant to Teachers Training Colleges as well as the Kenya education management institute to improve the scope and caliber of pre-service and in-service programmes for school administrators. Head teachers can also benefit from the study since they can use the findings to re-examine and appraise their own leadership styles. This research was guided by Fielder’s Contingency theory, Fielder, (1967). This theory ensured that the researcher remains within the stated objectives. The reviewed literature will assist in this study as the researcher will have basic information on what to expect. Leadership as the process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal (Northouse 2007). Leaders carry this process by applying their leadership knowledge and skills. The study adopted a survey research design. Data was collected from the sampled population of Secondary schools in the District. The location of the study was Mandera East District in Mandera County. This location was selected because of bad results the location has shown in the National exams. The target population was 10 public secondary schools where 10 head teachers, 90 teachers and 1500 students were targeted. The sample size was 5 head teachers, 10 teachers and 60 students. The researcher was purposively sampled head teachers and teachers. Students sample was obtained through Radom sampling. The researcher used class attendance register to pick the first 12 students. The researcher’s instruments were questionnaires; questionnaire is used to obtain secondary data. Validity and reliability of the tools was established to ensure data to be collected was reliable. Secondary data was collected by reviewing relevant literature. Data collected was analyzed by use of SPSS. Obtained data was analyzed and presented using graphs and tables.The researcher recommends that Principal should embrace democratic leadership styles. This is because the dominant leadership style: autocratic leadership style in Mandera East District, Mandera County has influenced the poor performance of pupils in K.C.S.E. This is attributed to dissatisfaction of the teachers which leads to low performance.