Advertising Campaigns And Sales Performance : A Case Study Of Simba Supermarket

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Mount Kenya University
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This research project is on the advertising campaigns on sales performance in supermarkets with particular reference to Simba supermarket. The objective of the study is to examine the impact of advertising as a tool for growth in the company’s sales, market share and profitability. It also seeks to study the nature of advertising as well as the relationship between advertising and sales. The strength of this research lies on its specific focus on the connection between advertising campaigns and sales performance in supermarkets. The results of the study will be of surmountable information when drawing measures which would in turn lead to capture of substantial market share by the company managers. The study will be the source of reference on how to revive and adopt and also follow the adverts according to the dynamic markets. The researcher used a cross sectional research design with both qualitative and quantitative methods with a population study of 100 people out of which a sample size of 50 employees were chosen Using simple random sampling respondents were chosen from the department of brand and marketing whereas other sources of information was libraries and internet. The major result showed that there is a significant relationship between advertising and the sales of the company. Based on findings recommendations were regular and consistent up-to-date training on product information should be given to the advertising agency so that they will have the current knowledge and skills to handle the adverts and also to ensure that product information is being emphasized so as to enlighten the customers. A good advert should be effective, persuasive and contain the necessary information on the products. Area of further research also was suggested which include: Employees motivation and sales performance, Effects of e-marketing on sales volume and Impacts of employees training on sales.

Advertising campaigns, Sales performance, Simba supermarket