Organizational Culture And Financial Productivity In Rwanda Correctional Service : A Case Study Of Kimironko Prison

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The present research is entitled “improving organizational culture toward financial productivity in Rwanda Correctional Service, a case study of Kimironko prison”. The prime objective of the study is to demonstrate how an improved organizational culture affects the financial productivity of Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS). The researcher has identified related research questions that strive to respond to the general objective. Financial productivity is affected by many factors, but the researcher looked into the financial productivity of prisons by focusing on the prisons cost, industrial prisons and self-supporting prisons. The findings show that organizational culture is understood through a learning process where it was found that shared values are applied to make the organizational culture being understood. Furthermore, the findings demonstrated that organizational culture change requires implication of managers to be able to diagnose and interpret the gap in a faster way and propose a solution that is appropriate. In addition, the organizational culture change should match the stakeholders‟ values. This is done through an integration process that require leaders to implicate themselves so as to help stakeholders to be receptive of the change and therefore to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in achieving their organizational goal. An improved organizational culture is required to increase the financial productivity of the organization. The financial productivity of Kimironko in particular and Rwanda Correctional Service in general is one of the main goals of these institutions. To maximize the profitability of Government, institutions it is required for them to be self-sustained, therefore, they should create an organizational culture that is conducive to productive activities.

Rwanda Correctional Service, Financial productivity