Quality Assurance Projects And Improvement Of Public Health Facilities: A Case Study Of Access Project In Ngoma District

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Mount Kenya University

In the current world, quality assurance if done well can meet the customer's expectations or exceeding the customer expectations. However, if badly given, this also creates a bad reputation to the organization in the form of service delivery and/or performing activities net goals. This study sought to shade light on the quality assurance projects and improvement of public health facilities. The general objective was to understand the contribution of quality assurance projects in structuring activities within health services which promote efficient and cost effective operations resulting in quality service that satisfy clients requirements. The significance of this study was to make project managers and all those involved in health sector (stakeholders) the awareness of their contribution toward quality assurance and how healthcare providers and their clients perceive the services given to them. The study was carried out in Ngoma district, with the case study of Access project. The research methodology was in line with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative method. The questionnaire was submitted to health facilities staff and patients; and the researcher interviewed health facility managers. SPSS was used for analyzing data. After analyzing all data according to the specific objectives, the researcher found out that the level of awareness of quality assurance in public health facilities is high. The researcher also found that the contribution of Access project in improvement of health services in public health facilities are related to the project capacity building, the participation in the planning process of quality assurance and different on-job or off-job training that the project offers to the staff of health facilities. The research found that patients are satisfied about the service given to them. The researcher found also that the challenges of health providers in applying quality assurance was moderate in general but the finding showed that high challenges are related to man, material and environment. The researcher recommended health facilities to ensure that new staff are introduced to quality assurance and to do patients’ surveys on quality assurance at least twice per year; the researcher recommended also the quality assurance projects to assist health facilities in overcoming their challenges for better sustainability of services and to ensure that indicators of quality assurance are evaluated and monitored periodically. The researcher recommended to the government to continue encouraging its partners in health care to expand to health facilities particularly health centers in order to overcome their challenges and to continue encouraging its partners to support health facilities in improvement the quality of health service delivery and health service management.

Quality control, Public health